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Find out your Preschoolers Love Language

Understand how children communicate their love language and how you can return your love to them in the same way!

Have you ever heard of specific love language?Love speaks many languages but we do not understand all of them.

What we do need to remember is that the only wayfor us to determine what our preschoolers preference is, is to use allfive of them. After that you can sit back and observe their behaviour and prettysoon you will figure out which is more dominant.

There are five basic types. We use oneto show our love to others and how we would like to experience love fromothers.  Let's discuss them:

Physical Touch

Research shows us that babies that are held andhugged often, develop emosionally faster.

To touch means that you are touchingme as person and that you care for me.

There are many ways in showing this lovelanguage.

Ways of showing this kind of love to yourchildren:

  • Stroking their hair

  • Give a hug or a kiss

  • Hold their hand

  • Tickle them

  • When you say hallo/goodbye. Go down to their level - touch and hug them.

  • If your child is upset. Pick her/him up. Stroke her hair or rub his back.

  • Snuggle together when watching a movie.




Compliments and words will make these childrenfeel wonderful.

Ways of showing this kind of love to yourchildren:

  • You are doing so great.

  • You are such a good girl.

  • Thank you for being so kind/polite.

  • Tell your child often that you love her.

  • Create a special name of affection.

  • Keep lots of photo's and show it to others when your children are present.


Quality Time

How do we define quality time? It is the time yougive your child without any interuptions. 

Your attention is completely with yourchild. It is the time spend with your child. 

There is no need for physicalactivity as long as you are with your child doing what they want.

Ways of showing this kind of love to yourchildren:

  • A nice walk, chatting about things they love.

  • Playing ball together.

  • Playing a game.

  • Reading a book together.

  • Make eye contact if your child talks to you.

  • Watch TV with your child.

  • Ask questions about his day.





Please note that this kind of love language is notfocused on expensive gifts.

It is more about something you've bought for yourchild because you were thinking of her/him. 

Have you ever received a flower thatwas picked out of you garden - well that is exactly what this langauge is.

Ways of showing this kind of love to yourchildren:

  • Buy a nice chocolate and leave it on their pillow.

  • Write a letter or draw a picture for them.

  • Buy them a small gift. Only now and then.

  • Give your child a song that you've made up.


Acts of Service

This is the physical part of the language oflove.

Here you physically do things. 

Things like setting the table, washing thecar, walk with the dogs, play with dogs etc.

 It take energy and time.


Ways of showing this kind of love to yourchildren:

  • Help them in cleaning up their room.

  • Help them sort out their toys.

  • Bring them some tea or breakfast in bed.

  • Make your child's favourite snack.

Enjoy the language of love, not just with yourkids, but also your husband!

Play and Learn with your child in his love language! Start with activities and crafts!

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