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Free Preschool Games

Preschool games your kids will fall in love with!

Preschool games are not just educational, they actually teach various skills such as typing and computer literacy. Computers are  a fun and very interactive way of introducing your child to the world of information. Toddlers are mesmerized by it and can sit for hours, just watching and banging the keyboard.

This brings me to another point. I suggest you buy a keyboard just for your toddler. Something strong and sturdy. I've seen something similar at various toy stores. They are costly, but worth it. You just plug it into your computer and watch them play their favorite preschool games.

One of the things that you should avoid is to take over the play session. Give your toddler time to play and figure things out on their own. You can sit close-by and help when needed, but let them control the mouse and let them feel free to click all over the page. This is the best method of learning. If they really struggle you can guide them accordingly.

Other advise is to go and play on the sites you are exposing your child to. You need to make sure that the content as a whole is what you want your child to see and learn. You can download one of those child friendly search engines that are developed especially for kids. You basically type in all the preschool online games that your child is allowed to play on this browser. This will give you total piece of mind. 

I've searched and reviewed a few games myself and consider them to be fun, interactive, educational and entertaining. The very best games you need to pay for, but there is a few free online preschool games worth downloading.

Preschool computer games are another alternative. 

This can be bought at top retail outlets for a modest price.

The graphics on these preschool gamesare great and some of them are focused specifically on kids of certain ages and on certain subjects.

Other preschool games your child might find amusing are fingerplays. It is fun and they will remember it for life.


Number Game

  • This old man, he played one, he played nick-nack on my drum 

Chorus: Nick-nack, paddy-whack, give the dog a bone, this oldman came rolling home

  • This old man, he played two, he played nick-nack on my shoe "Chorus"

  • This old man, he played three, he played nick-nack on my knee "Chorus"

  • This old man, he played four, he played nick-nack on my door "Chorus"

  • This old man, he played five, he played nick-nack on my hide "Chorus"

  • This old man, he played six, he played nick-nack on my sticks "Chorus"

  • This old man, he played seven, he played nick-nack up to heaven "Chorus"

  • This old man, he played eight, he played nick-nack at my gate "Chorus"

  • This old man, he played nine, he played nick-nack on my spine "Chorus"

  • This old man, he played ten, he played nick-nack once again "Chorus"

Clapping game

  • This is a good way to learn clapping rhythm.  

  • Sit in a circle with one player in the middle. 

  • This player claps out the rhythm on his shoulder; knee or arm and everyone else must copy.

  •  Any number can play.

For more than 5 players

  • Pick one player to be Simon

  • SIMON SAYS (he gives the orders to the other players such as, Simon says put your hands in the air. The other players must obey immediately but only if they hear the words Simon says, if they do the action without hearing the words Simon says then they are out.

Guessing game

  • This game is for no less than five players.

  • Choose a queen/king to sit on a throne. 

  • Eyes must be blindfolded so they cannot see.

  • One by one everyone creeps up and whispers in a disguised voice to make it difficult to guess who they are.

  • The king/queen must then guess who it is.

  •  If wrong then that person becomes the next king/queen.  

Board Games

Board Games also make good preschool toys. They are fun and kids can learn to play together as a team.Helping them socialising and helping them tocompete in a healthy way. 


Then there are puzzles. Kids can learn so much from building preschool puzzles. Preschool games should be part of any preschool activity. It really enhances the learning process and teaches the kids to concentrate and have fun at the same time.

Other Games

Preschool games and activities need to be combined!

DoraThe Explorer Adventures Providing general information to parents with pre-schoolers and young children.We also offer Dora The Explorer merchandise.

Try these special designed games for your preschooler to play with peers! And these free preschool games.

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