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Various Stages In Preschool Art

How important is Preschool Art in your child's development?

When you become a mom, all resistance crumbles.Your child's preschool art, even a scribble gets to be framed!

Preschoolers just love art. They love to get dirty and love to mess. The best way of doing this is to fingerprint! I know that just the idea, wants you to run away, but if you prepare for it by:

  • Putting large sheets of newspaper all around the table
  • Dress them with old clothes
  • Made sure the paint you use are non-toxic and washable - be mindful of Preschool Safety

Then you can let them paint their little hearts out. Do not stop them as it is a very important part of their development.

But how does your child's preschool art develop?

Stage 1 - Sudden Marks

Either on a piece of paper,against your wall or in the highchair. They throw out the food and then move their fingers in and around the food. Oh'man, that stage is messy, but necessary!

Stage 2 - Cause and Effect

Motor skills becomes more stronger, bit by bit. They find out that if they make bigger movements (especially in a bath), then it makes waves. Encourage this, even if your bathroom is flooded.

Stage 3 - Purposely made movements

They are now drawing with confidence. They use a preferred hand. Give them lots of different texture paper and things to draw with.

Stage 4 - Explore stage

Give them large paper and paint. Let them use it freely as they now start to draw loops and lines deliberately. Somehow, they know that paint and water goes together - test them you will see!

Stage 5 - Drawing/copyingthings around them

They now try to draw things around them. Mom, the dog or anything they feel comfortable with. Even if you can't see the resemblance of something they've drawn, they will show you. Next time it might change.

Stage 6 - People/Self portraits

Starting to draw people. At this stage they do not connect the body with a neck etc, but they do get the idea of a round head with eyes and lines for the arms and legs.

Starting to draw people. At this stage they do not connect the body with a neck etc, but they do get the idea of a round head with eyes and lines for the arms and legs.

That's not all. Their are also other skills that are developed:

  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Physical Development
  • Language Development

My point is that preschool art is very, very important to any child's development. Even if your preschooler do not like art. Allow them to explore and give them various types of materials to play around with. They just need to find the right tool for the right job.

If you preschooler is past the point of scribble and you need more structure you can download some free preschool printables for them.

And take a look at our preschool art and craft ideas!

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