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Preschool Bulletin Boards

Change your classroom's atmosphere with Preschool Bulletin Boards

Preschool bulletin boards are a great way of introducing an activity, theme or song. Preschool Bulletin Boards can be used with any Preschool Lesson Plan!

I have a preschool bulletin board in my schoolroom. Yes, I'm home schooling and I've found it very exciting and helpful.

Why? Because it keeps my kids stimulated and help those creative juices flow. Involvement in your preschooler's day, especially if you are teaching them yourself, is just as important as it is if he is at a preschool. Most preschools have bulletin boards. If they don't, then I suggest it is time to try it out and see what results it can deliver.

There are many other ways in using bulletin boards:

  • You can decorate them, or you can even leave it to the preschoolers themselves. Even better, keep them involved. You also need to remember that you don't need to have only one, you can have a few.

  • If you have a preschool then you can have one for the parents. You can have the children decorate a pouch with their names on it and attach it to a bulletin board. The parents then know where to find letters or anything that pertains to your child's daily activities. It will also give them the sense of importance. This pouch will probably also be their first encounter with their names being displayed for a specific purpose. 

  • Preschool bulletin boards can be used with all the themes you can think of. If your preschool lesson plan is about spring, then be creative and utilise the crafts of the kids on the first day. Let them attach it to the bulletin boards for everyone to see. 

  • They are so versatile that you can use it as an education tool as well. It might take you a little longer to get everything together, but once you have it, it can be used again the following year. To give an example: You are busy talking about "your body". Print out a picture from the internet with the various parts of the body. As you discuss them, let a preschooler take the picture and attach it to the right place on the bulletin board. If he is correct you can surprise them maybe with a lollipop. This is just one idea. 

If you feel that making a bulletin board is hard work you can always go and buy one at major bookstores or online Internet suppliers. Should you feel that you do not have the creativity for it, you can download millions of shapes, borders and pictures from the Internet - yes, they are free! I guarantee that if you use very bright colourful bulletin boards, you will be assured to draw the attention of your preschoolers and even moms. 

Preschool bulletin boards make the lessons come alive. Kids learn easier with hands-on-activities.It keeps them moving and helps fight the boredom. It also enhances their listening skills as they all would like to have a go at putting something on the board.

Preschool Bulletin Boards can be used in conjunction with Preschool Lesson Plans!

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