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Children Stories That Builds Character and Teach Life Lessons!

Choose QUALITY children stories to read aloud to your children!

Children stories are one of the childhood things that I'm sure everyone can remember. It has such a tremendous impact on a child and you can remember it right into your adulthood. There could be many reasons why you remember it, one of which could be the fact thatit is told over and over.  Children love repetition and that is how we learn most things. To read is definitely one of the most powerful ways of learning.

There are so many online children stories, but we do not know the quality and content of each. Yes, you can go and read through them first before you allow your children to read it, but that takes time. Ithink children should be exposed to good quality children stories. Stories that can teach them character and life lessons. Now what about fairy tales. That's OK. They need to use their imagination, but there is also limits. We should take care in what we expose our children to, especially at a very young age.

In my household we've adopted the Charlotte Mason way of learning. She uses living books instead of dry, factual textbooks. Living books are usually written by one person who has a passion for the subject and writes in conversational or narrative style.

Preschool Read Aloud Books

Some of my most favorite Preschool reading books; and these are not just restricted to the kids (I still love these now :-)

Original Mother Goose

Goodnight Moon

The Runaway Bunny

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Where the Wild Things Are

Stories can be read anytime of the day. Do not feel that you should only dedicate stories for bedtime. We even take our books on holiday. What can be more fun and relaxing than lying on the lush green grass reading a book, after a long day of swimming activities. The kids just love this. When we take long drives, we also take our books along. It helps the kids not to tear each others hair out and to enjoy the scenery while listening to lovely stories.

If you can instil the love for reading with your children at an early age, you've won most of the battles. Especially the school battle. If they can read properly and can comprehend whatthey've read, you can rest asure.  We will add more books withreviews monthly, just subsribe to our free monthly magazine and enjoy all the activities, recipes and crafts.

And for more information take a look at the article I wrote on What to look for when purchasing children stories!

Earn A Few Extra Dollars - Whilst Teaching Your Own Children?

Start A Preschool (Not a Daycare) and Make Money At Home With Your Children

Things are pretty tough financially at the moment for many of us. So I just wanted to mention my friend Joy Anderson and her solution.

Joy is a single mom with 3 kids - she wanted to stay at home and look after them but desperately needed an income. So what did she do.

She started her own Preschool Classes, right out of her own home.

Joy is now making a full-time income only working 5 hrs a day.

She is an amazing lady and now she is showing others how to do it for themselves.

You can find out about how she set up her own preschool here.

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