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Free Preschool Games

Perfect for any age

Here you will find more free preschool games that can be played indoor and outdoor.

We will be adding to our list of games every month. Be sure to subscribe to our monthly magazine that will soon be released. It is free and full of new activites, games, lesson plans, bible stories, ideas and many more.

Our games are perfect for parties, holidays, rainy days or any day for that matter.

Free Preschool Games
for the Whole Family

Indoor Games

Chain Game (5 or more players)

  • All players stand in a line looking the same way.
  • Child first in line have to mimic an animal to the second player.
  • The second player then have to mimic what he saw to the next player and so on.
  • The last player then have to say what animal the first player were trying to mimic.

Ball in a bucket (1 or more players)

  • Place a large bucket on the floor.
  • With chalk draw a line where the players must stand.
  • Divide them up into two teams.
  • Every player in each team gets  three turns to try and get the ball in the bucket.
  • The team with the most points win.

Musical Chairs ( 8 players and more)

  • Put exactly enough chairs so that everyone have a seat
  • Ensure that the chairs are put in such a way that they can move freely around in a circle.
  • Let them stand up and remove one chair. Start the music and let them walk around the chairs. When the music stops, they must find a chair and sit down. The one without a chair is out.
  • Follow same sequence until there is only one chair left and one winner.

Banana, Knife and Fork (6 players and more)

  • Get the following ready: 2 Small tables with  2 napkins, 2 sets of gloves, 2 knifes, 2 forks,  4 bananas, chocolate syrup.
  • Divide them up in two teams.
  • Each team are standing about 60 meters away from the tables. When the whistle blow one of each team needs to run to the table, put on the gloves, put he napkin around the neck, pick up the knife and fork and eat as much of the banana they can until the whistle blow again. They then need to run back touch the hand of their team mate who then runs back and start the process again.
  • The team that finishes the bananas first win.

We also have free preschool games that can be played outside on those hot summer days. Kids just love them as they can run freely and burn some of those excess energy. 

Outdoor Games

Freeze (4 players or more)

  • One player needs to start. Player must run around trying to touch another player. When the player is caught, he/she must froze in place with his/her feet apart. He/She cannot move. The only way that the player can be unfrozen is if another player crawl  through between the legs. They can then continue.
  • Game continue until everyone is frozen.

Hole-in-One (2 players or more)

  • Players need a coin and one plastic cup.
  • Lay the cup on its side.
  • Sit on the ground, 3 meters away from the cup.
  • Aim for the cup by rolling a coin towards it.
  • If it rolls in then you score a point.
  • Player with the highest score win.

Leapfrog Race (6 players or more)

  • On grass (preferable), use a stone or a stick to mark the starting line and the finish line.
  • Divide the players up in equal teams.
  • The first player of each team must crouch down, chin tucked into chest. Other players line up behind you and jump over like a frog.
  • Second player must then crouch in front of first player. Follow this way until they reach the finishing line.
  • First team and finishing line win.

Limbo Dancing (4 players or more)

  • Get a broom stick or any solid stick.
  • Players need to line up in a row, going under the broom one at a time.
  • The two players holding the broom must start high and then end off low, giving everyone a chance.
  • The player who touches the stick or fall on the ground when trying to go under hit lose.
  • The idea is not to touch the stick or even touch the ground with your hands when you go under it.

There are so many different types of free preschool games we are going to add to our site. Just to name a few: Hand Games, Strategy Games, Dice Games, Card Games even Word Games for the advanced preschooler.

Guessing Games

I Spy (2 players or more)

  • All players sit togethor in a room.
  • One player start by saying: "I spy with my little eye, something that  is blue (describe anything they see)
  • The others then have to quess and the one that quess correctly wins and have a turn.

Tasting Game (2 players or more)

  • Prepare several bowls of different food example: Salt, mustard, baby food, flour, jam, oil, peanut butter etc.
  • Blind fold the players and give each a try at the spoon. They then have to say if it is bitter, salty, sweet, sour. The one who get it right first win.

Touching game (2 players or more)

  • Get a big box with a hole where you can put your hand through. Put different objects in the box that can easily be removed.
  • Player have to be blind folded and needs to put his/her hand in the box and take out one item. They then need to feel it and then quess what it is.

Who am I (2 players and more)

  • Each player needs to put a bandana on the head.
  • Adult needs to write different animals, superhero's etc on labels and then stick it to the players bandana .
  • The player then needs to ask others questions about who he is, such as what colour am I. Do I have 4 legs etc, until he finds out who he is.
  • Player that first find out who he is win.

More Preschooler Games

More Of Our Free Games

If you have enjoyed these games above then you will our second page with even More free preschool games.

Computer Games

There are also free preschool games that can be played online - Preschool Computer Games. Some you need to pay for but there is a few that you just need to download.


If you would like a different approach and love to own a book with games, then take a look at these books- they are my favorite preschool game books!

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