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Preschool Bible Stories

Preschool Bible Stories, teaching little hearts about God!

Preschool bible stories are the best start in teaching little hearts about God's word.

The best way to introduce a Preschool Bible Lesson is with a story, and the best way to start this off is with an activity.

There are many sites available on the Internet that can offer this. We also use preschool bible stories in our book "My ABC Adventure". It teaches your preschooler the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes. It is nicely spread over 5 days. You basically teach one letter per week. We have just launched this book and you can shop for it HERE.

The other alternative is to buy books in the retail stores. There are beautiful illustrated books out there. I believe that every family should have a few books with nice preschool bible stories. I've chosen a few that I think is suitable for preschoolers.

You can view these books and many more. Some of them have an option to preview. Just click on the book name for more information!

On the other hand, I've found this website that has a very nice way of telling preschool bible stories. It is all in black and white, but it could be exciting for your kids to colour the pictures before you read the stories. It will give them a sense of accomplishment and they will feel that they've helped you in making the lesson fun.

Justclick on the one that you would like and it will take you to that page. 

Earn A Few Extra Dollars - Whilst Teaching Your Own Children?

Start A Preschool (Not a Daycare) and Make Money At Home With Your Children

Things are pretty tough financially at the moment for many of us. So I just wanted to mention my friend Joy Anderson and her solution.

Joy is a single mom with 3 kids - she wanted to stay at home and look after them but desperately needed an income. So what did she do.

She started her own Preschool Classes, right out of her own home.

Joy is now making a full-time income only working 5 hrs a day.

She is an amazing lady and now she is showing others how to do it for themselves.

You can find out about how she set up her own preschool here.

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